Tech Guidelines

Minimum requirements for a gaming PC Summary – While a factory PC is competent enough to complete simple tasks like browsing and office works, a gaming PC requires more to operate efficiently. The typical RAM, motherboard, sound and graphic card, Cooling system (fan), processor and operating system. All these components determine the quality of your gaming system. These are some suggested minimum requirements for a gaming PC in my opinion. In fact, anything less than these might result in more lagging of your PC on any game. Learn more.

Gaming Mouse Guidelines
Summary – The regular mouse is suitable for typical day to day activities, however, for the new and more seasoned gamer/s it might not serve justice. consequently, a gaming mouse is needed. A regular mouse not expensive, on other hand, a proper gaming mouse will cost more but considering the function of the mouse- most of the time they are worth the cost. Learn more

Monitor Guidelines
People tend to focus on the hardware when purchasing parts for a PC. While different peripherals like mouse and keypad are important, having a top notch keyboard or mouse does not guarantee the best gaming experience. That is where the monitor becomes more important. Learn More