Top Eight Gaming Wi-Fi: With Wi-Fi 6.

With everyone stuck at home consequent to the COVID-19, there has being a “need for speed” on the home WIFI. This lack of speed is the reason the best Wifi 6 router are gracing household with their presence. Students, teachers, gamers, streamers, employees and casual internet browsers can now enjoy the new standards of a wifi 6 router which reduce latency, increases speed and supplies a wider range. Hence, increasing productivity, communication and other internet related entertainment.

Most new devices, such as: iPhone 11, Galaxy 10 lines and the Ultrabooks, comes equipped with the ability to use wifi 6. However, the older systems can benefit from wifi 6 routers.

What is WIFI 6 though?

You might ask, what is Wifi 6? Wifi 6 or 802.11 AX is the successor of 802,11 AC or Wireless AC or 5G WIFI. In essence though, Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation of Wi-Fi. It does the same basic thing as the 802.11AC — it connects you to the internet with additional technologies which makes the connection process a lot more speedy and efficient.

WIFI 6 is not about speed!

Instead, Its about improving the network a bunch of devices are connected to. This is attained by boosting each device to optimize speed.


This video is courtesy of Pete Matheson

The Best 8 WI-FI 6 ROUTERS 2020: LIST

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